Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair Options For Las Vegas Residents

Not every licensed and certified plumber in the greater Las Vegas area will be able to offer trenchless sewer repairs, and not every situation will call for this specialty type of work. However, there are many times when instead of having to dig up an entire area that finding a certified professional plumber who specializes in trenchless sewer repairs will definitely be the way to go. When this is a valid option, it opens up the door for much less invasive work that still gets the job done.

So just what is trenchless sewer repair? This is a very good question, and it is a relatively new process where instead of replacing a massive broken pipe, precision technologies are used to create a new smaller and completely functional pipe within the broken section. Sometimes this is a viable option and sometimes it is not, but when you hit that situation where this type of treatment as possible, it often is preferable to a full out repair.

Many times trenchless sewer repair is inexpensive, takes less time, and still brings the full functionality of a full repair without having to take all the time without having to tear up massive parts of the ground.

The key here is to be upfront with any plumbers that you call since not all of them offer this service. The truth is, you are likely going to have to look to a larger plumber in order to find one who has the equipment, training, and certification to do this level of work effectively. That being said, you never know until you ask and it is always worth seeing if there is a better option.

This is an exciting new treatment and one that opens up many repair possibilities for local residents.